Okay, I Tried. (It’s Not Working.)

Did you ever want something so much … or maybe you just thought you wanted it … and you just couldn’t make it work? That’s kind of how I feel about this little blog space here.

I simple cannot write anymore Navy Wife Life posts here. I’m all Navy Wife’d out. (Is that a thing? I think it must be…) Neither can I seem to put pen to paper about anything else here because it just feels wrong to write anything but Navy Wife Life in blog whose header reads “My sailor deploys, and I navigate life … Back on Land.”

So … I’m saying good-bye to Back on Land. It was a good blog with a nice little run, but I need to move on. The posts here will stay up for a while until I figure out what a person does with a poor, no longer written, little blog at its end.

I kinda feel like I ought to have a small ceremony … or be wearing a black veil … or something …

Too much? Probably.

Anyways, my blog life isn’t over. I tried that too over the last month, and I am just drawn to my little online world so I will still be writing, just from a different perspective and about different things. I’ve started a new, very small blog to journal my transition to … whatever is next.

It’s called Jodi Under Construction. You can click over now (there’s a new post up already), and you can also follow me on Facebook (there’s a brand new very empty Facebook page just waiting for likes). My Instagram link is the same, though I changed my name from Back on Land to jodi_us, so you can continue to follow my photos of flowers and kids and food and trees and skies.

Thank you … for always reading my stuff, for knowing how hard Navy life can be, and for just being here while I shared vented about it all.


A Back on Land Update

Oh, Back on Land, my poor little neglected blog. Counting the words you’re reading right now, I’ve posted only three times in the entire almost-over month of June. I’ve taken breaks from this blog in the past for sure, but this time it feels different. Things have changed, and I’m not sure how to proceed.

Here’s the thing. This blog was originally supposed to be about my life “back on land” … the things I do, I love,  or am working towards as, not just a NAVY WIFE, but as a whole person who just happens to be married to a Sailor. I wrote about recipes for bubbles and my then-dislike for Washington for a while, but then I began writing about deployment and homecomings and maildrops and how to’s and Top 10 Ways, and the entire blog became about the NAVY side of my life. It was great for  while, and I got a lot of wonderful comments, emails, and Facebook messages from you guys thanking me for certain posts that helped you and commiserating with me about posts that struck a chord in your life or memories. Your kind words have meant so much to me. They are, in fact, the reason this blog became so navy wife focused.

But, as they say, times they are a’changing. My sailor just finished his (knock on wood, hopefully) last patrol and is looking forward to an exciting new shore duty very soon. I will be leaving behind my Ombudsman responsibilities and an FRG I have grown to love and depend on over the past five years. My children are all moving ahead in school … one to her senior year and college part-time, one to her first year of high school, and the youngest to big kid school (aka kindergarten). I will be a bus-stop-mom .. there for drop off and pick up and somehow filling the hours in between.

I could write during those hours … I’d looooove to write during those hours, but about what? With deployments behind me, FRG just a memory, no more halfway boxes or maildrops, I find that all the things I’ve spent the past few years sharing with you are in my past, and my future is … wide open in a super-scary, what-the-hell-do-I-do-now kind of way.

Is there anything to write about a Navy family on shore duty? I don’t know.

Are those hours between pick-up and drop-off going to be exciting enough to share with you? I sure hope so. 

Will these changes in my life change the face of Back on Land? Definitely.

I love my little blog, every single post I’ve shared here, and I love reaching and touching my readers and friends with my experiences and stories so I truly hope you’ll hand around and see what comes next for me and my family. I’m sure I will still post about our military family life from time to time, but right now I’m not sure what will come in between.

Here’s what I do know:

  • I don’t want to give up on my little blog.
  • I do want it to grow up with me as my family and I move through these changes, and …
  • I will be back on July 1st with a slightly different look and something new  to share.

Oh! I know one more thing! I know that I really, really, really want you to stick around and share this exciting, scary, and sure-to-be-awesome adventure with me!

Thanks, Jodi


Hello, Summer

The buses are still running, and the calendar might disagree, but I’m calling it. I have big plans of having no plan this summer, and I just can’t wait another day to begin.

Hello, Summer

Yesterday Alli and I took the time yesterday to stop and smell the roses … or rather the lilies.

Back on Land - Smelling the lillies

Then for lunch we lounged on a soft blanket under a tall shade tree in the backyard for a while. There was fried chicken and potato wedges from the grocery store and blankets and pillows from the closet. Soft summery music nearly lulled me to sleep. (My eyes stayed open once Alli mentioned playing with the water hose.)

Back on Land - Shade tree lounging

Last night I took Sydney and Alli to the park for a stroll, some play time, and most importantly, the Bremerton Farmers market. It was just the best. The best! It had everything I love about Washington … a wonderful playground, water views, lots of families picnicking and lounging on blankets, and dozen of vendors offering up their delicious, good-smelling, gotta-have-it wares.

Back on Land - Evergreen Park Back on Land - Sisters Back on Land - Bremerton Farmers Market

I walked away with delicious strawberries and cherries, a couple of Pink Ladies, a jar of the best salsa I’ve ever eaten, a loaf of delicious garlic bread, and a bar of homemade soap …

Back on Land - Market basket


We may have spent nearly an hour and half wandering around the park.

We may also have snagged a bag of mini-donuts on the way to the car … and eaten the whole bag before snapping a single picture.

We definitely made plans to come back again very soon to enjoy the wood-fired pizza and polish sausage dogs picnic style.

So, yeah … hello, summer! Could you please hang around for a while and give me more days just like this one? Pretty please!

Summer is Coming, and I Have No Plans.

It’s June. Wow. How did that happen? Weren’t we hiding Easter eggs just yesterday? Did we just our New Year’s kiss last week? 2015 has definitely gotten away from me, and I woke up this morning with one terrifying thought.

Summer is coming, and I have NO PLANS.

Usually by June 1st I have it all mapped out. A beautiful vacation. A detailed list of summer concerts, festivals, and farmers markets. Day trips. Weekend getaways. Parties. Camp-outs. Silly fun. Pinterest-pinterest-pinterest. Woohoo, Summer!

This year … I got nothing. No plan. No list. No map. Nothing.

But I think I’m okay with it.

Normally I run myself nutty trying to plan the BEST SUMMER EVER!!! I try to fill every moment. I have plans for every day and back-ups and back-up-back-ups. I shuttle my family here and there. I have a timeline of everything happening everywhere, and still at the end of every summer I feel like we’ve missed something. Like I’ve missed something.

I think in planning the days and weeks, I miss the moments.

So this summer I’m going to try to give up planning. I’m going to try to take each day one at a time. No lists. No maps. No itineraries. I think we’ll wander a bit. Fly by the seat of our pants. Go where the wind blows us. Ramble.

Doesn’t that sounds just a teeny bit amazing?

A whole summer of nothing but capturing small moments with my family. Late nights and lazy mornings. Fire pit evenings. Slow walks. Late night snacks and who-knows-what-else-because-I-haven’t-written-it-down-and-won’t …

I think that sounds like a pretty good plan.

Happy Anniversary Wherever You Are

Fifteen years, fifteen deployments, and another anniversary spent alone. I wish you were here. I wish we could toast to this achievement together. I wish I could hold you in my arms and whisper I love you in your ear, but I am here, and you are wherever you are.


You are wherever you are, and I am here … in the home we’ve built in Washington, in a rented house with the very best shady yard. I’m sitting here on the couch we picked in one crazy couch-sitting marathon afternoon in a too busy Ikea. Under a blanket you gave to me at Christmas because you know I love soft, cozy things.

You are wherever you, surrounded by shipmates, and I am here with the kids. Three beautiful daughters who never cease to amaze, inspire, and frustrate me. Our greatest achievements. So lucky.

You are wherever you are, and I am so proud that you are there. You are a fine Navy Chief, one of the best, and I hold my head high today because the man I married serves this country so proudly.

You are wherever you, and I am holding down the fort as always. Checking homework. Kissing boo-boos. Folding laundry (occasionally). I’ll keep things going, keep that ball rolling until you get home to push it with me.

You are wherever you are, and I wonder what that’s like. Alone today is tough for me here, but I can’t imagine it there. All alone in a crowd of sailors. Will you skip our day all together? Pretend it’s another day. Will you think of me when you drift off to sleep?

You are wherever you, and I can only dream of celebrating. If you were here, would we have dinner somewhere special? Would we sneak away for the weekend? Would we finally renew our vows as we have planned and waited for so many years.

You are wherever you are, and I miss you so completely. When you’re gone, I am half. I don’t breathe as well. My heart feels missing. On bad days I have no one to console me, and on good days, I have no one to share news with, and on everyday I drift off to sleep sleep hugging your pillow and praying for your safe return.

You are wherever are, but wherever that is, I know that you are loving me, and I am loving you as always. Since Orlando, since St. Marys, since long before May 22, 2000, and for so many years to come.

Dear Josh, I love you so much wherever you are.


To my best friend. The naysayers said we’d never make it five years. Let’s make it fifty just to piss ’em off. I love you so very much more than the world could ever know.
xoxo, Me